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Top American ad agencies

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Top American ad agencies
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List of Top 10 American ad agencies

  • Epsilon

Epsilon is one of the worlds biggest and leading direct and database marketing and advertisement specialists. Although comparatively little-known in the wider marketing industry compared to the likes of Wunderman or Rapp, it is now the single biggest marketing agency overall in the US by revenues, and getting bigger each daywith its rapid expansion.

 Primarily Epsilon helps its customers and clients manage and maximise the value of their contacts through data analysis and direct mail formulae or email-based customer acquisition and loyalty marketing programmes.

Services include list analysis and rental; development of automated database management software; and creative production of direct marketing material.

It was ranked as the overall leader in Forrester Research’s Jan 2011 Forrester Wave qualitative survey of top database marketing agencies.

  • Acxiom

Acxiom is a leading IT services company specializing in marketing technology and database analytics. It offers a broad range of CRM-related marketing services including direct mail and digital marketing, as well as traditional technology consulting and outsourcing.

These services are underpinned by a vast collection of data which provides information on around individuals worldwide and feeds billions of client relationships on behalf of clients.

Expanding considerably, Acxiom now has a global footprint, with offices in Europe and Asia as well as the US. Main competitors include Epsilon, Experian, Harte-Hanks, Merkle and other such data brokers.

Former Microsoft digital advertising exec Scott Howe replaced John Meyer as CEO in 2011.

  • BBDO

BBDO is one of the biggest of the advertising networks in this list. The BBDO group has long held a commanding position as one of the world’s most prestigious agencies, with around 290 offices spanning more than 80 countries.

Its major international subsidiaries are UK, Germany and Australiaand are leaders in the local market of America.

 The agency is widely admired for the quality of its creative work, and features among the in advertising festivals around the globe.

  • Sapient

Sapient is a leading interactive design and consultancy agency with a wide-ranging global footprint. The company is headquartered in the US, where it operates 12 offices spanning across the country.

It acquires the credit of highly regarded creative advertising network. Its new division in the year 2009 named as Nitro, today is merged, and the two businesses are known as Sapient Nitro, an integrated global advertising and digital agency.

  • Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett is among the world’s best-known agency brands, responsible for creating what has become known as the “Chicago School” of advertising.

It has made a virtue of simplicity and clarity, and is most strongly defined by the use of brand mascots, fictional characters who were used to personify individual brands.

The agency deals in effective and creative advertising, campaigning and marketing strategies.

  • DraftFcb

DraftFcb was startedin the year 200 , resulting in a business fully integrated worldwide marketing services giant offering a broad range of disciplines from traditional creative to direct, digital and sales promotion.

 DraftFcb had for several years been one of Interpublic’s most consistently profitable brands in the advertisement market.

The business got a greater boom when it was fired from the Wal-Mart account.

  • McCann Erickson

McCann Erickson – McCann as it is increasingly better-known claiming,  biggest worldwide agency network by global footprint.

 The main agency specialises in traditional advertising, but it also offers a broad range of other marketing services under the banner of the McCann World group.

A dynamic force during the 1990s, McCann stumbled badly at the beginning of the following decade. The loss of the prestigious Coke Classic account in several important markets was a severe blow.

McCann recovered some of its composure and steadily re-strengthened its client portfolio during the 2000s.

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