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Top American game shows

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Top American game shows
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List of Top 10 American game shows

  • This.Is. Jeopardy!

 Jeopardy is a trivia game show, started in the sixties. Currently, it is hosted by Alex Trebek. The game is played by three contestants, with the return of a previous winner, and a group of categories of answers that are given for their respective questions made by the contestants. The most memorable movie to equate Jeopardy with itself was in the film, Men in Black! Best Moment? The best moment on Jeopardy was when returning contestant Ken Jennings continued to return to the game, seventy four times, to win the most cash prize on the show. This simple trivia concept game show takes the number one spot.

  • Pyramid

The concept of the game show is like playing a vocal version of charades, or like playing a game of Catchphrase, but with celebrities.  Two contestants would be paired up with two guest celebrities.  The celebrities would try to win the game for their respective contestant and make their way to the Winner’s Circle round, where they tried to help their contestant win the grand prize.

  • Come on Down!  The Price is Right

This classic game show has contestants guessing the price of an item to win prizes.  It was created in the fifties but became a classic hit in the seventies with lovable host Bob Barker.  Two contestants would make their way to play the Showcase Showdown, where they could win the ultimate prize package.  Today, the show is hosted by Drew Carey who has taken it to successful heights.

  • Two Families Enter.  One Family Stays.  Family Feud

Family Feud is a game show that puts two families up against one another.  They are asked a survey question and are expected to give the most popular answers.  Whichever family wins the main three rounds of the game gets to stay to play the Fast Money portion, where there is a chance of winning $20,000.00.

  • Match Game

Match Game is a very popular and interesting game show. This game has a fill in the blank format where the contestants had to match the answers that the celebrity panel lists would write down.  The winning player would then try to match a single panellist to win a cash prize.  The show was mainly hosted by Gene Rayburn.

  • Is That Your Final Answer?  Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

Who wants to be a Millionaire is a completely professional game show, and deserves a spot among the top ten greatest game shows.  Contestants would play a fast fingered question to try and earn a spot in the hot seat. This contestant would then try to answer trivia questions one at a time, until reaching the million dollar question. The show is famous for the tagline, “Is that your final answer?”  Who wants to be a Millionaire also has three lifelines that the contestant can use at any time during the game. They are, ask the audience, phone a friend, and fifty-fifty.

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